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Current state of electric vehicle (EV) battery technology

The vast majority of EV batteries currently use lithium-ion cell technology consisting of four main components: an anode, a cathode, an electrolyte and a separator.

Why is the anode important?

Active anode materials directly impact and determine the following battery performance characteristics:

  • Charging speed
  • Maximum and reversible capacity
  • Cycle life and longevity of the battery cell

The design and processing of anode materials is critical to the overall battery performance, making the appropriate anode material selection important.  Today, most anode materials are produced in China under compromised sustainability in both production and transport. Localizing and enabling more sustainable synthetic graphite production are the keys to a greener and more reliable battery supply chain.

Tailored for your needs

Through continuously improved R&D processes, Vianode has developed a range of synthetic graphite products with unique performance characteristics that can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements.

Some general characteristics of our solutions are shown in the graph below:


What is next?

While synthetic graphite is the best possible solution today, Vianode is also developing next generation active anode technology with silicon-graphite composites in order to increase capacity and charging speed.

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All of Vianode's products are sustainably designed and produced in Norway. For more information, please visit our sustainability pages