Synthetic graphite manufacturer

The world needs greener batteries. Vianode supplies the highly-engineered active anode materials to make this possible.

Vianode is built upon technological advancements and decades of industrial experience. The company is owned by Elkem, Hydro and Altor Equity Partners

We are now scaling up towards full-scale production in Norway.

Vianode’s range of anode graphite products offer unique performance characteristics and are produced with up to 90% lower CO2 emissions than today's standard materials – supporting the ambitions of leading battery cell and automotive manufacturers as we accelerate the green transition.

Vianode raises the bar for how sustainable batteries are produced – with lower energy consumption in the production process and with 100% renewable energy.

Our ambitions: 

  • Building industrial leadership in advanced battery materials
    • Become a leading company in battery materials with significant market share.
    • Provide battery materials to 2 million electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030.
  • Develop advanced battery materials with unique performance characteristics
    • Increased range
    • Faster charging
    • Longer service life
    • More sustainable batteries
    • Better recyclability
    • High safety
  • Produce the world’s most sustainable anode graphite with a minimal carbon footprint
    • Sustainable processing technology that reduces greenhouse emissions by 90% compared to most synthetic graphite production today.
    • Pushing the forefront of recycling
  • Make Vianode an enabler of strategic autonomy
    • Enable a domestic European supply chain with Nordic business standards
    • Contribute to strategic autonomy, the emerging and sustainable battery industry, and the rising importance of domestic supply of metals and materials in Europe