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Our story as a synthetic graphite manufacturer

The world needs greener batteries and we supply the highly-engineered active anode materials to make this possible.

Welcome to Vianode! We develop and produce innovative battery materials based on technological advancements and decades of industrial experience.

Our commitment stems from a profound understanding of the planet's pressing need for decarbonisation. The key to achieving this ambitious goal lies in the widespread adoption of electrification. To ensure electrification’s success, producing high-quality batteries becomes imperative. Furthermore, the sustainability of these batteries and their materials is crucial for the long-term viability of electrification as an environmentally friendly solution.

Vianode’s range of anode graphite products offers unparalleled performance characteristics and is produced with 90% lower CO2 emissions than today's standard materials.

Our materials will in many cases be the most cost-effective way for car manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint of an electric vehicle. The materials also significantly improve electric vehicles' properties, including charging time and range.

That is why we target producing battery materials for 3 million electric vehicles per year by 2030 – materials that truly matter to the world.

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We are proud to have a rich history that includes the successful operation of an industrial pilot plant since April 2021 in Kristiansand, Norway. As we continue to scale up, our sights are set on achieving industrial production by 2024 at our facility at Herøya Industripark, Norway, before executing a multi-billion dollar phased investment program for large-scale plants in North America and Europe.

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How it all started

Vianode’s roots go back to Elkem, a world-leading provider of advanced materials with 100 years of experience within carbon solutions development and manufacturing.

The first blueprints were drawn in 2016 as an R&D initiative, leading to the establishment of a separate unit and later Vianode, a standalone company.

Leveraging on a century of development and manufacturing capabilities, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation and sustainability, we’re proud to call ourselves a scale-up with a legacy.

Today, Vianode is backed by private equity company Altor Equity Partners and the global industrial aluminum company Hydro.