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Sustainable battery materials

Today, anode materials are one of the largest greenhouse gas emission contributors in battery cell production. Vianode plans to change that.

Vianode offers the most efficient solution for reducing battery and EV emissions

Transportation is responsible for 20% of global CO₂ emissions and needs to decarbonize to enable the green transition. Electric vehicles (EV) play a crucial role in sustainable mobility; however, they are not carbon neutral, and a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions from electric vehicles comes from battery manufacturing.

Anode graphite is the biggest part of lithium-ion batteries by weight and represents 20-40% of battery cell emissions, while only accounting for 8-12% of the battery cost. Reducing the CO₂ emissions of anode graphite is therefore the most efficient way to reduce the CO₂ footprint of batteries and EVs.

Vianode produces anode graphite with 90% lower CO₂ emissions than today's standard materials, as the results of our Life Cyle Assessment show. This means, that one kilogram of our anode material has a climate change impact of 1.9 kilogram CO₂, while traditionally produced synthetic graphite has an impact of up to 30 kilogram CO₂ per kilogram material.

Find out more about our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


Our Game Changers

Innovative closed furnace production process

Lower energy consumption

Clean renewable energy

Our goal: Better batteries that last longer

Synthetic graphite has exceptional cycle life compared to other anode materials. In addition to enhancing product performance and quality, improved cycle life also has a sustainability element to it:

  • Increased lifetime for batteries and electric vehicles (EV), supporting faster EV adoption and a functioning second-hand EV market
  • Assist critical infrastructure innovations, such as vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-home applications, necessary to support global electrification


Our holistic sustainability offering

Recycling is also an integral part of Vianode's business model, and we have a circular approach to our production. This means that we will recycle graphite throughout the production process and establish a means to recycle end-of-life batteries. 

Vianode has successfully recycled graphite from used batteries back into new battery grade graphite achieving very good performance.

Our aim is not to be more sustainable. We want to be sustainable, period.

Find out all about our ESG initiatives in our Sustainability Report 2023

For inquiries related to sustainability or the Norwegian Transparancy Act, please contact us here