Sustainable synthetic graphite

Today, anode materials are one of the largest greenhouse gas emission contributors in battery cell production. 

Vianode intends to reduce emissions from anode materials production by more than 90 percent compared to conventional production, empowering a greener life.

This is made possible thanks to specialised and proprietary know-how in high temperature, closed production processing systems, lower energy consumption and ample access to clean renewable energy from hydro power at our production site in Norway.

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Better batteries that last longer
Synthetic graphite, the most common anode material, has exceptional cycle life compared to other anode materials. In addition to enhancing product quality, improved cycle life is also sustainable:

  • It enables increased lifetime of batteries and electric vehicles (EV), supporting faster EV adoption and a functioning second-hand EV market
  • It will assist critical infrastructure innovations, such as vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-home applications, necessary to support global electrification

Cleaner production technology
Vianode's production processes use innovative, closed furnace technology, which implies:

  • Reduced energy consumption (approximately 50% reduction in the graphitisation part of production compared to conventional production)
  • Minimal other direct emissions, including dust and sulphur dioxide (SO₂)
  • Enabling efficient energy recovery processes to facilitate district heating, for example

Access to renewable energy
Despite the reduced energy consumption, production of synthetic graphite is still energy intensive. Vianode's production is based on electricity from renewable hydro power, reducing the greenhouse gas footprint as low as possible.

Recycling throughout the process
Recycling is also an integral part of Vianode's business model and we have a circular approach to our production. This means that we will recycle graphite throughout the production process and establish a means to recycle end-of-life batteries. 

Vianode has successfully recycled graphite from used batteries back into new battery grade graphite achieving very good performance.

For more information on our work on sustainability, please visit Elkem's sustainability site