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Our innovative synthetic graphites

Current state of electric vehicle (EV) battery technology

The majority of lithium-ion battery technology consists of four main components: an anode, a cathode, an electrolyte and a separator.

Why is the anode important and what is synthetic graphite?

The anode is the negative electrode in a battery. The anode is important because the material choices of the anode will affect the safety, charging speed, capacity and life cycle of a battery.

Synthetic graphite is an active anode material consisting of graphitic carbon which has been obtained by graphitization at high temperatures, resulting in a pure final synthetic graphite product.

Active anode materials directly impact and determine the following battery performance characteristics:

  • Safety
    • Synthetic graphite is the leading anode material today and is widely regarded as a thoroughly tested and proven anode material.
  • Charging speed
    • Li-Ion battery charging speed is determined by the anode material, synthetic graphite allows quick and effective charging speeds.
  • Maximum and reversible capacity
    • Synthetic graphite provides low de-lithiation potential and high gravimetric capacity. Continued development of silicon-graphite composites for future generations will increase overall battery capacity.
  • Cycle life and longevity of the battery cell
    • Synthetic graphite enables long cycle life that is required by battery manufacturers. 
  • The sustainability of the battery cell
    • Vianode’s production of synthetic graphite is accomplished using proprietary and environmentally sustainable processing technology that reduces greenhouse emissions by 90% compared to most synthetic graphite production today.
  • Recyclability
    • Synthetic graphite is recyclable and recoverable from used batteries and can be repurposed for further use.


Vianode and Synthetic Graphite Production

Vianode has developed a range of synthetic graphite products with unique performance characteristics that can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements.  Through on-going R&D efforts and innovation, Vianode will continue to develop future active anode materials with synthetic graphite, silicon, and other blends based on market and industry needs.

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All of Vianode's products are sustainably designed and produced in Norway. For more information, please visit our sustainability pages